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About our company

Please excuse us as we are still working on our site. There may be some random scenery photos on the site and they will be removed as soon as our regular photos of our babies and parts replace them. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Sorry for any inconvience this may cause. 

Buffington's was started in 1990. We made ceramics, porcelain and vinyl dolls, and baby items like hand made quilts and baby bibs.

We moved on and retired our porcelain dolls and baby quilts/bibs and added embroidery, jewelry, sculpture, and pottery. We added a sister company called White-Tiger-Designs in 2001. Here we make "endangered species" apparel and jewelry.

In 2006 we merged the 2 companies and are now known as  Buffington's/White-Tiger-Designs.

Within this company is the Timeless Treasure Babies Nursery where we make and sell our "Timeless Treasure Babies (Tm)", which are newborned and reborned dolls. These are blank kits and play dolls that have been transformed by the artist into beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art. We carry doll kits, DVD's, paints, and supplies. Almost everything you will need to make your own newborn doll and bring that baby to life.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our Secrist and Apple Valley Dolls are non-toxic vinyl made the in U.S.A.! (How many other manufacturers can make that claim?)

We also carry one-of-a-kind (OOAK) newborned and reborned dolls by artist and factory certified newborning teacher Pat (Trisha) Buffington.

We offer beginner and advanced newborning classes.

Come see what we have and enjoy our babies!

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Pictures on the website (above are a few dolls by artist Trisha Buffington)

Most of the pictures contained on this website are used with the permission of Secrist Dolls and Apple Valley Doll Works (AVDW) or are our own pictures.

When you click on the pictures, a new small window should open and a larger version of that picture should open.

The photo below is used courtesy of Theresa P.  

This baby started out as a 17" Gumdrop blank kit.

Newborned by Theresa P. of Minneapolis, MN, and now called JP, it was her very first doll made through our newborning classes.

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