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30" & 36" Doll Kits

Here are our larger dolls and Kits. They are non-toxic vinyl and made in the U.S.A. just like all our kits!

The 30" kits come with the bodypack included in the price shown. They are "free-standing" and do not require an internal armature (like a skeleton).

The 36" kits do not come with the bodypack included in the price shown. You must purchase the bodypack separately from the expression but the bodypack comes with the armature.

Grandma and Grandpa work great as Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

I show completed 30" & 36" dolls here just as a reference (thus no price on them). I no longer put them together or customize them for sale. I only sell the kits. I am sorry if this causes any difficulties for anyone. If you would like the name of a dealer who sells them already made, I would be happy to give you that information.

30" Stacy kit with bodypack $86.00

30" Micah Kit with bodypack $86.00

36" Chris Doll (example)



36" Grandma expression....$41.00



36" Grandpa expression.... $41.00

36" Ma expression.... $41.00

36" Pa expression....$41.00